14 things that almost all dog owners do

January 21, 2022

14 things that almost all dog owners do

You may not understand it, but since you have a dog, your life has changed. Look back and you will realize that you no longer have the same habits and priorities as before. Every decision you make should be viewed from a new angle – is it good for your dog too?

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Almost all dog owners do these few things, but in secret, because other people are a little crazy, that is to say. those who don’t have pets never understand them. Do you do them too?

1. You cancel plans because you think you are not paying enough attention to your dog today.

2. “Abuse” your pet’s urine so you can avoid annoying events – “Sorry, I’m going to go, my dog ​​hasn’t been out all day …”

3. You find yourself talking deeply with your dog about the meaning of life …

4. You intentionally drop Food during lunch to treat your PSA.

5. Admit it, how many times have you had a clean napkin and a dog in front of you while your hands were dirty with food, and you, of course, chose to have your hands licking the dog!

6. Buy a toy for your dog, and it turns out he doesn’t really like it. So speak mostly out loud, in a sad voice “But I think you’d like to …” as if a dog can understand you, right?

7. Even if you tell others not to let your dog sleep with you in bed, forget about that decision when you realize that sleeping with a dog is a great way to warm your feet!

8. You know it’s useless, but after the shower, quickly wrap a towel around yourself so the dog won’t see you without clothes.

9. When you leave home, always tell your dog “I’ll be back” as if he understands you.

10. When your guests come, tell them not to worry, to sit freely on the couch, because your dog is not allowed to sit on it, but as soon as the guests leave – the truth comes out, and the dog climb on the bed!

11. You’re 10 minutes late for work because you can’t decide which channel to let the dog watch while you’re not at home …

12. I’m out and just seeing a twig in the grass, thinking “Oh, how happy my dog ​​would be for her!”

13. Sit in an uncomfortable chair because you are reluctant to remove the dog from the chair. However, it was worth a vacation …

14. Choose a dog treatment for more than just food for yourself.

Source: b92.net


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