5 quick visual tricks to increase small space

Do you live in a small apartment but don’t want to feel like living in a box?

We understand you completely! If you’ve been feeling like your own home is suffocating and cramped for a while, maybe it’s the right time to consider a so-called functional remodel. It’s not only ideal for decorating small apartments, but it also offers countless possibilities for combination, even when it comes to items you’ve used before and just forgotten about.

The right choice of colors, furniture, and tips and tricks to furnish a small home come up with 5 important visual tricks that we believe you can afford today!

Light color palette

The choice of a color palette for small spaces is usually neglected because people generally choose colors in accordance with the furniture or rest of the decor. But, the real challenge when furnishing a small apartment is to choose the shade that should create the illusion of a larger space. In general, you should consider all light colors, such as white, gray-white, pastel or some muted shades. These colors help create an open and expansive feeling – they reflect much brighter than darker colors, thus making the space more open and airy. They also make the room look bigger and brighter, while those darker or stronger colors can be brought into the space in the form of smaller details.

Use large wall or floor mirrors

A fairly obvious article that many forget – mirrors have the power to make any space bigger. They create the illusion of depth as they reflect light deep into the room, so be sure to place mirrors on large empty walls to visually expand the limited space. Even the smallest room, which has space only for a bed and a wardrobe, will look much larger if a large mirror of the floor is added to it. This may not be such a cheap trick when it comes to home budgeting, but it definitely works wonders when it comes to increasing space.


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