A futuristic house takes you directly from space to a Finnish park!

With the symbolic name Future House, this small house can accommodate up to four people, and of course has many land benefits. Inside and outside the “dish” guests can enjoy numerous “facilities” such as private bathrooms, hot water, changing lighting, clean bed linen and towels, food, coffee and tea, as well as an open fireplace around which. they can gather and even fall asleep.

Inside, of course, everything is arranged in a way that resembles Star Trek scenes, and white in combination with orange predominates. This combination achieves its full splendor as soon as it gets dark, because then this place becomes a real little spaceship that is about to fly into the unknown.

According to the designer, this house in the park is completely conceived as a space to live but also to experience life – it’s a real uninspiring place that everyone can see. According to him, this represents the point of art and architecture – the creation of unique experiences, but also such environments in which you can stand and feel the beauty of the unknown.

Source: yankodesign


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