A school that promotes learning about nature and creates a close connection with the surrounding forest

Today we share with you the first photos of a school building designed with the intention of promoting the learning of nature through its traditional wooden construction …

This building is designed to be completely adapted to the teaching of nature but also to life outside the Silkeborg high school in Denmark. Conceived as a lesson on the sustainable construction of wooden structures that would fully meet the demands of its users, this building can rightly be called a space that transcends nature and creates a close connection with the surrounding forest.

The framed views of the nearby forest, the interior covered with acacia boards and wooden floors, as well as the wood fiber insulation, were part of a strategy to design the most beautiful wooden buildings possible. The school is inspired by an old Danish wooden canvas building dating from the Viking era, so its building consists of a group of four light forms with wooden frames joined from the inside.


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