A stylist has designed a public bathroom in Japan and you just have to see it

Japanese stylist Nigo is believed to have built a public bathroom in the shape of a small house, and that looks pretty fun for now.

Can it even be said that a public bath is charming and nostalgic? If you ask Niga, a Japanese stylist, a popular DJ and an increasingly influential entrepreneur – the answer is a big yes. Because this was the initial idea of ​​this project, its design is a kind of challenge to the surrounding tall buildings that have become an imperative of construction when it comes to Tokyo.

According to the designer, this public building is conceived as a good old house that sits quietly on the corner of Harajuku, for some it evokes a feeling of nostalgia, while for others it will be an absolute novelty, depending on age and generation. .

photo: Satoshi Nagare


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