Accent walls for all lovers of geometric design

If you’re thinking of treating your room with a beautiful accent wall these days, why not try some proven ideas that are based on geometric design …

The ideas for geometrically accented walls, or so-called accent walls in the room, are nothing new. Geometric patterns, patterns or motifs have been very popular in recent years, and it seems that their beauty and uniqueness are more pronounced in bedrooms.

Along with botanical motifs that glorify the beauty of nature, precise geometric lines have become a very interesting trend, especially at the beginning of the year. The sophisticated and modern presence of these models has the power to transform any, even the most modest room, into a luxurious and elegant place for rest and relaxation, and this is, after all, the goal of any “accent” transformation. .

A bedroom wall with a geometric accent is an attractive feature that is often located behind the head and adds color and pattern to the room. Some prefer bolder and more impressive models, others prefer more subtle and quieter variants, but one thing’s for sure – whatever style you choose, it’s safe to say that this transformation will work wonders in your room!

Below, take a look at which three geometric patterns will be the most sought after in the coming year, and also find proven expert advice on how to properly incorporate a geometric design into your room.


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