According to the old belief: Laughter and jokes on this day will bring you incredible happiness


St. Archdeacon Lawrence is a third-century saint who was the archdeacon of the Roman Christian community at the time of one of the greatest persecutions of believers. He was a student and closely associated with Pope Sixtus, and after being appointed head of the Christian community of Lawrence, he was ordained a deacon. He was charged with overseeing the property of the Church and the care of the poor. They both knew they were going to die soon because the Romans had terribly persecuted and tortured the leaders of this community at that time.

However, none of them withdrew from their beliefs and spread Christianity and the preaching of Christ among the people. During the persecution of Emperor Valerian in 258, many Christians were executed, and those who were members of noble families lost their property and were driven out of the city. Bishop Sixtus was one of the first victims of this persecution, he was killed on August 6 of the same year.

Legend has it that, before becoming inconsolable, he prophesied to Lavrentije that he would soon die with him, and that at first he would be greatly tortured and humiliated. Lawrence peacefully accepted the fulfillment of this prophecy, having first hidden all the treasures of the church so that the Romans might not receive them. However, the true miracles of St. Lawrence were done only after this saint was thrown into prison.

Here, he incubated many prisoners out of blindness with just the touch of his hand, and his preaching led some guards to believe in Christ and convert to Christianity. Because of these acts, his torture was even worse. When, after all, he refused to renounce Christ, he had already advised the emperor to renounce the false gods, and he was placed in an iron breast under which the fire was set.

Burning on the fire, St. Lawrence thanked God and mocked him for paganism.

Some writers of the era also say that at one point he said to his tormentors, “This side is over, turn around and cry!” That’s how he died, without changing his beliefs.

St. Archdeacon Lawrence is venerated both in the Roman Catholic Churches and in the Orthodox Churches. Due to the fact that he took care of the church records, he is considered the patron saint of archivists and librarians, and in Orthodox iconography, he is depicted in deacon robes holding a chest in his hand. , symbolizing the preservation of the treasures of the church.

As he lived happily in the last hours of his life, some considered St. Lawrence the protector of comedians. The elders believe that because of this, this is a day for a joke when you have to laugh as much as possible, because it suits this saint as well.

There is another interesting custom related to St. Lawrence. Since their August day, known for the meteor showers that color and beautify the sky, the ancients have long said that they are in fact “the tears of St. Lawrence.”

It is believed that anyone who sees a shooting star tonight, can ask this saint to fulfill a wish. He will surely obey …


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