Add a little midnight blue to your New Year’s decor

If you are wondering what colors are perfect for dark blue, the answer is that it will largely depend on the type of blue you plan to use. For example, if you have a dark blue Christmas tree, adding a color like silver or white will really make the evening star. Navy and silver will also give it a more elegant look, and adding another deep shade like forest green (or plush red) can be a nice contrast to the dark blue.

When working with dark blue Christmas decorations, you know that you are in danger of going into two extremes: either it will make the atmosphere in your living room more dramatic, or more romantic. It just seems like there is no middle ground. Unless, of course, you’re working with a medium, usual shade of blue, which can match with many other colors, all depending on your current sense.

However, you can’t go wrong with silver and white as complementary colors to light blue Christmas decorations. Silver and white are traditional for the holiday season, plus they make every shade of blue look big and cheerful. Having a lighter shade of blue can be really nice for a calmer, calmer feeling.

Photo source: house design


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