Al Capone’s home in Miami will be demolished

Al Capone chose Palm Island for security reasons. The area consisted of several separate islands, each of which had only a closed entrance and exit, as well as increased security. However, this was not enough for the famous gangster. At current prices, it has spent more than $ 3 million to build a two-meter fence, floodlights and protection around the site.

Since the 1950s, when the 550-square-foot house was no longer owned by Al Capone’s wife, he has changed several owners. It was recently sold for $ 10.75 million. The new owner, Michael Glaser, is not interested in the house’s historical past. He plans to demolish Al Capone’s residence and replace it with a modern two-story house with eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a jacuzzi, a spa and a sauna.

We have one last look at the residence of one of the most famous gangsters in history.


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