An armchair like a cloud that will carry you through your childhood

This chair intentionally has a circular shape too large to associate childhood memories with you!

You remember, after all, the period when it was too small, and your favorite armchair is somehow too big for you. So the furniture looked huge, didn’t it? And it is precisely this memory that the designer Alex Leuzinger wants to revive in us, which stands behind this pretty white snowflake covered with a soft white fabric to emphasize its cloudy appearance.

Called Clodette, this armchair evokes memories of childhood, that is, a time when everything around seemed huge, such as tables that were too high, chairs oversized, sofas that were too low, and so on. This spherical chair has an oversized shape to remind us of our growth and adaptation to all the things we use every day.

The armchair consists of a series of separate parts that are put together to form a circular, almost puffy shape. The front of the circle is removed from these segments to make a seat and armrests, and the entire armchair is upholstered in a comfortable white fabric to complement the shape of the chair and make you feel at least briefly like floating on the most beautiful white cloud. .

The sweet apparition is an additional allusion to the period when you stared carelessly at the sky and observed the clouds that had the most wonderful shapes.

source: form of study


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