An original space trip for all coffee lovers

The coffee in the form of a kind of space capsule is an exotic place to relax and stay with friends …

Imagine for yourself – going to such a special place should be a pleasure for all the senses! The interior (and exterior!) That irresistibly reminds us of all those sci-fi movies seems unusually familiar to us, and also creates a feeling of something new, different, invisible so far. We believe that this was the initial intention of the designer of this Shanghai cafe, which became immediately recognized.

The smooth metal structure like a mirror gives visitors the feeling that the surrounding trees are floating in the air while the slightly unsettling cross sections reflect a wonderful but strange world. It seems that the worktop used to serve the coffee is under the jurisdiction of the lid, i.e. the opening that illuminates the entire space, and thus adds a touch of mystery to the environment.

The environment is full of vegetation reminiscent of scenes of young shoots growing on the ruins. The beam in the middle of the capsule serves as a support for the whole structure and light infiltrates through two windows. In fact, visitors can sit in and out of the capsule at any time and feel like they are flying a spaceship through space.

Metal wooden boxes and low seats, as well as a long “hanging” table in the air are details made of cut trees, and the cross section of this part of the coffee in the mirror perfectly reflects the world of tall buildings. out the window.

By raising a cup of coffee, guests can see from their seats a reflection of the outside world that seems to be a million years away from this facility. It is a journey through time, where all you have to do is drink coffee, relax and enjoy the moment of peace in the universe.

Therefore, it can be rightly said that the design of this wonderful space cafe includes research and consideration of time, keeping people away from the worries of life on a journey with their thoughts.

source: archday


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