As in a matchbox: modular furniture that fits any apartment

It is interesting that one completely the same parameter can become completely different in a different space at the same time. In any combination, there is actually a kind of coexistence of each component with other parts – whether it’s a place to work, cook, sleep, wash the laundry or create a peaceful paradise to relax and read a book – everything can be adapted into so that it is perfectly finds its place in the apartment.

This modular flow design allows the creation of linear, angular or U-shaped solutions, all depending on the type of environment where the lining undoubtedly has a major role: from cabinets with retractable doors, to kitchens with integrated appliances and living rooms. , and all to wardrobe sliding doors and folding sliding doors that also take into account storage space.

BoxLife really reminds me of a real small box with partitions that makes life whole, especially small spaces, much happier and more interesting.



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