Because someone (not) falls in love with you

July 5, 2021

Finally revealed: Why someone (not) falls in love with you

Take a look at the proven facts because he (doesn’t like) you!


Love does many things: Butterflies in the stomach, laughter, happiness, commitment and friendship. But love is not easy to find. How and why are two people attracted?

BusinessInsider did some psychological studies and found answers. In the process, some myths are shattered, and something new is learned …

That’s why anyone can fall in love with you.

If you pretend it’s hard to convince.

In a 2014 study in a “quick appointment” experiment, men were more interested in a woman when she pretended to be disinterested in questions and “one that is hard to come by.” But this only happens in certain situations – when a man chooses a girl, not when she is “assigned” to him.

Also, when it’s harder to reach a woman, men want her more, but that doesn’t mean they like her more. Love is complicated.

If they are not sure if they like it.

A little mystery can help a lot on a date. 2011 research shows that people like us more if they don’t know if they like us too.

Some women have seen photos of men who had seen their photos on Facebook and liked them. Other women have seen photos of men who rated their photos on Facebook as media. A third group of women saw pictures of men who, as in the previous two cases, had seen their pictures on Facebook, but researchers were unable to assess whether or not they liked those women. (So ​​they told the women).

Women liked men the most, and it was unclear whether they liked them or not.

She looks similar to her ex-partner.

In a 2011 study, researchers found that men and women ranked higher than those who looked like their older (or current) partners. Interestingly, women were more prone to this than men.

If you have many similarities with themselves.

We will make some happy, some we will disappoint, but dozens of studies show that the cliché “Opposites attract” has not existed for quite some time. One of the study’s authors explained that when two partners are similar (or have similar opportunities in which they live) in different sectors of life – family, career, interests, they are more likely to get closer and stay together.

If you look into your eyes for at least two minutes.

University of Massachusetts psychologist – Joan Kellerman (Joan Kellerman) asked 72 students (who did not know each other before) to divide into pairs and then look into each other’s eyes for two minutes. “They then said they had a feeling of passionate love for another person,” they said in the study, adding. “It shows that when we look someone in the eye for a long time, we can connect with him / her, even triggering a feeling of infatuation for a person we didn’t know before.”

It’s the meaning of “butter”

It doesn’t refer to perfumes, but to our natural perfumes that we can’t influence, that we don’t even know about, and that are hormones. One study found that women who ovulated liked more the smell of men’s shirts with high testosterone. Maybe that’s what we call “chemistry”.



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