BIG projects the utopian city of Telos to 5 million inhabitants

Bjark Ingels, the head of the BIG studio, conceives a fantastic utopian city for American entrepreneur Mark Laur.

Telos, the future city with 5 million inhabitants, will be built from scratch on an area of ​​more than 60,000 acres, which has yet to be found anywhere in the United States. Telos ’vision is a dream city that will set new global standards of quality of life, expand human potential and become a model for future generations.

The idea of ​​building a utopian city was born in response to the growing inequality of society in the United States. Mark Laura’s idea is based on the socio-economic model of equitability: unlike capitalism, it has much in common with communism and is based on the principles of public property. “Capitalism is an incredible economic model, but with great shortcomings, especially in terms of income inequality and wealth. Many of these problems stem from the ownership model of the land on which America was built … “, is written on the site Telos. “What if all this land belonged to a public foundation?” What if you take this money and return it to society? Not every country in the United States is sold yet, so we still have the opportunity to try the new model. We have the opportunity to demonstrate the sustainability of a new model of society that offers people a higher quality of life and more opportunities. “I think equity can become a model for other cities, and even for the whole world, and Telos is a place of pride for all who live there,” says Mark Laure.


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