Bring good energy for Easter

Why will this Easter be different from all the others? So this year you can follow the feng shui guide for chair arrangements to ensure a harmonious family meal.

These guidelines also apply to Easter lunches or any holiday where your family gathers. Feng Shui is the art and science of putting things in your home to bring wealth, harmony and love.

First, make sure you avoid sitting directly across from your wife, which is known as sitting confrontation. Easter is a holiday that focuses on reunions, so it’s important to avoid arguments that sometimes happen in family reunions.

In addition, it is desirable that the guest of honor be seated in front of one of the bride and groom, while the round table is best to encourage an easy conversation. You can also use an oval or rectangular table with softened edges and a white tablecloth.

So, since Easter is a spring holiday, it is always a good practice for feng shui to clean the house before the holiday lunch. This will help you get rid of any negative energy left over from the winter, especially if you have been at home for a long time because of the virus, for example.

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Feng Shui says it’s important to clean your home before the holidays, and to remove dust, remove dried flowers, replace air filters in cleaners, or wash windows. Similar to feng shui, creating a fresh stream of energy in your home in the spring, Easter refers to new principles, and home is the perfect place to start.

When it comes to decorating, choose a feng shui color scheme for your Easter table that includes blue for harmony and new principles, white for clarity and gold for power. Arrange fresh flowers around the room as it symbolizes growth and rebirth, and then place them in front of a mirror to symbolically double their positive energy.

Just make sure that the mirror is not through the window or that the positive light will be directed directly from the room. When your children and you have painted Easter eggs, show them your results in the creative feng shui area of ​​your home, because this area is activated by round shapes and white color.

In some countries, it is a tradition to wear new clothes at Easter, but be sure to avoid wearing red at the Easter meal. Red is one of the colors of the feng shui element of the fire, and adding more heat and fire could lead to household chores, especially mixed with cooking and high outside temperature.

We hope you enjoy the circle of family and friends during the upcoming holidays!



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