Buying prescription glasses online: pros and cons

It’s simple to shop online for diapers and groceries as well as shoes and medications. What if you have vision problems? You will probably save time and maybe money. What about fit, quality, and style?


How does it work?


It depends on what website you use to order glasses online. The first step is to select the frame and colour you desire. Next, choose features such the lens type. Some lenses are extremely durable which is great for those who work in certain occupations or who enjoy sports. You can order lenses with special coatings. Some are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.


Next, enter the prescription information. Next, you will need to enter the distance between your eyes – the two black circles located in the middle of each eye. This is done to make sure that the lenses are correctly positioned within the frame.


Some companies let you upload a photo of you to check that your glasses fit you. Some offer tips to help choose the right frame for your needs.


There are several reasons to purchase glasses online


It’s easy to order glasses online via a computer or another device, as with any online purchase. However, there are other benefits:



    • It is easy to shop on multiple websites before you make your decision.


    • It is possible to get lots of information online without ever having to visit a store or office.


    • A wide range of styles, colors, accessories and other items are available.


    • There are many ways to save money. Consumer Reports found that shoppers saved up to 40% by buying glasses online.



Here are some reasons to not buy glasses online


Here are some of the negatives



    • You can’t try the glasses or someone will help you personally.


    • It is very difficult to measure the distance from your own pupil. Therefore, glasses are required. Some experts say it’s like trying to cut your own hair.


    • It can be difficult to return the glasses.


    • A large survey found that almost half of all glasses purchased online had a wrong prescription or other problems.


    • The wrong prescription can cause blurred vision or discomfort in your eyes.


    • For progressive glasses, you will need to measure the frame in person.


    • There may be websites that do not offer insurance.



Online recipes for glasses


Whether you get glasses from a local store or online, you need a current prescription. An optometrist is a healthcare professional who has a degree or certification in optometry. You can also take an eye test online and receive a prescription.


The American Academy of Ophthalmology, (AAO), is a large organization of ophthalmologists. For those between 18 and 39 years old, he says that online eye tests and prescriptions may be acceptable if there are no signs of any eye disease. reglazespecs cannot determine eye health. An online prescription should not be considered a replacement for your annual eye examination. AAO does not recommend online tests if:



    • You’re under 18


    • You are over 40.


    • You have probably noticed that you have an eye disease or poor sight.



Good glasses will improve your eyesight


No matter where you get them, here are some tips to help you buy quality and affordable glasses:



    • Don’t look for branded brands to save cash


    • Look at the huge discount stores. Some of these stores have exclusive offers for you and your partner. This will allow you to make a deposit.


    • Look up the name of the seller on the internet. Add “review” (or “complaint”) to find out what you discover.


    • Once you settle on the glasses you like, search online to see if you can’t find the same for a better price.


    • See return policy. Some give you only 14 days to return; others give a year.


    • Find out if shipping costs are included in your online order and who will pay for return shipping.






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