Colorful wallpapers are the perfect way to make your bathroom “alive” this winter!

From delicate damask to gorgeous flowers and the latest tropical designs, bathroom wallpaper can be a quick and easy way to bring a little charm and style to your bathroom …

Also, wallpaper is in most cases a fairly simple and inexpensive way to make your bathroom an ideal place to relax. Although there is a prejudice that the wallpaper in this part of the house should be avoided, it is true that a well-ventilated bathroom (with a window and good ventilation) will gladly accept these decorative wall coverings more and more. popular.

However, the advice is to keep out of direct contact with water. Most wallpapers are suitable for rooms with high humidity, such as kitchen and bathroom – in fact, the wallpaper that can be rubbed is mostly made of heavy vinyl or at least covered with it. This is also the best option you should consider.

Use a wallpaper design in the bathroom to create a focal point or accent wall. The space above the sink and behind the mirrors is an ideal place to enchant those who use the bathroom. Using a soft blue wallpaper design helps to add a calm sea look to the space, while a thinner wallpaper will significantly affect the feeling of serenity, creating the perfect place to cuddle and take time to relax.

In a room full of soft shades, you do not want the wallpaper above the atmosphere, but only to add a certain pattern, so it is a good idea to opt for wavy variants or floral prints. On the other hand, if you have enough space available, pick a large and valuable template to allow the design to dominate. Match the shades of wallpaper with your choice of tiles to ensure a cohesive color scheme and balance the overall look.

Use brightly colored wallpaper to freshen up a small bathroom and make it feel more impressive. We know that lighter shades are an absolute must-have in this case, but believe me, more and more people with minimalist bathrooms are opting for the exact opposite option and it looks really phenomenal! The use of bright wallpaper on the wall with windows will help to reinforce the space, but some more impressive patterns will better divert attention from other features of the design on the wall.

In addition to creating a favorite accent wall, another good idea to use wallpaper in the bathroom is to place it directly behind open shelves – this way the space will become more dynamic, especially if you opt for a more natural design, such as and leaves or trees. branch. In addition to adding patterns, many modern wallpapers have printed foil that offers an extra layer of gloss, so if your bathroom is full of natural light, this is the perfect way to solve two problems with “one shot”.


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