Construction for the mind and body: bamboo houses created for rest and meditation

This unusual building is located on top of a hill in the north of Chiang Mai and is characterized by a unique view of the northern mountain range …

Believe it or not, this project was commissioned by a 90-year-old lady, otherwise a member of the royal family, who at first was just looking for a place to enjoy the sunset and reunite the family. However, as this is a woman who is an active member of the Buddhist community, an agreement was reached soon to designate the space to make spiritual practice easier and more elegant.

The design of all the buildings mimics a mountain range and rolling hills. Then the buildings are transformed into the landscape as if they were growing here by themselves. To arouse the feelings of the practitioners, the meditation space was designed as the dome of the cathedral, and for this purpose bamboo arches were formed, which are at the same time the structural support of the whole building. As in Roman or Gothic cathedrals, they have a floating umbrella-shaped roof with lights like the sky.


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