Dangers posed by irregular sex

11 Aug 2021

Dangers posed by irregular sex

Irregular sex life is not only a drought in love and the sex zone, but also a potential factor for a number of problems. He knows them and acts in advance.

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Since we are bombarded with numerous sexual searches every day, probably most people know that sex is good for a person’s mental and physical health. But what if sex is not a regular event in your life?

How, according to research, irregular sex affects people.


If sex makes us happier, then it is very logical that its lack makes us depressed. That’s exactly what American researchers at the University of Florida have shown in last year’s research.

According to their results, people who do not enjoy regular sex (intentionally or by force of circumstance) are more likely to fall into depressed moods, and the more frequent episodes of low mood, the greater the chances of being hit. from severe depression.

Heart attack

More than 10 studies in the last ten years have confirmed that regular, quality sex is associated with heart health. Any physical activity is important for heart health, but sex brings several benefits because, as the researchers explained, in addition to physical activity, it also carries the secretion of “good” hormones that have a beneficial effect. on human health.

A poor quality sleep

Irregular sex is not necessarily responsible for poor sleep, but it has been shown that quality and regular sex significantly improve sleep quality. More precisely, the hormones released during and after sex have a calming effect on the body, so it is easier for a person to fall asleep. Thanks to the processes, the body rests better and regenerates better.

Lack of self-confidence

In addition to physical pleasure, psychologists explain, we also love sex because we feel good afterwards. These statements are confirmed by numerous studies. Although it cannot be explained exactly why regular sex increases self-confidence, it is assumed that it is because of the feeling of closeness and belonging that sex brings with it.

These are all emotions that are hidden in every person and it is completely natural that everyone wants them. On the other hand, if there is not enough sex in a person’s life, it is very likely that they will not have enough self-confidence.

Poor concentration and poor performance

People who have a regular sex life are even more efficient at work. Precisely because of the hormones secreted during sex, which have a great effect on the human psyche and health, it is easier to get a good concentration and therefore a better result at work.

Such results have not been observed in people who have an irregular sex life. Their concentration was at a much lower level.

Source: prva.rs


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