Day transfer to Croatia, remember this name!

Former coach of Dinamo Zagreb, with whom he achieved historic success, Nenad Bjelica, He now works as a team leader in Osijek, where he has combined the role of professional leader and sports director.

Today, he presented to the public the latest reinforcement he has associated with this club, and is one of the most talented Peruvian footballers, Didier La Torre.

This guy is only 19 years old, is an offensive footballer and plays on wing positions, handling well both right and left.

“It was interesting for us, in his generation he is the best player in Peru in the U-20 national team. He distinguished himself in a South American championship for players under 17 and came to Europe. He was at the former Dutch first division club Emen for a year and ended his contract there because they simply could not keep him for relegation to the second league.

He looked for a new challenge and found it in Osijek. We believe he can impose himself and one day become a standard player on our first team. As for contracts, we have a principle according to which we give contracts to our young people, the most talented actors in whom we see the future. He also received the same contract, we believe he will prevail and spend a lot of time here in Osijek ”., said Bjelica.

For a start, La Tore will be tough on Osijek’s second team, but if he adapts quickly, he can count on an express transfer to the first team.

“He’s extremely fast and fast-paced, extremely embarrassing in the first ten meters of the sprint, and he’s also a good shooter. I see that, I say, the great hope of Peruvian football is also of a good character. I think they will adapt quickly to us and really show their values.In the beginning, he will definitely have more chances in Osijek II, but he also needs some time to adjust, so we will use him in team B. If he is imposed in the spring , of course we will use it in our country, in the first league matches ”., concluded Bjelica.


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