Decorative cellulose wallpapers suitable for any space and style

And just as every ambitious project carries the desire to satisfy the taste and desire of every customer, so the latest collection from this manufacturer has managed to elevate the entire offer to a higher level of quality. Instabilelab has always taken care of the quality of its products and its health, so it has decided to pay special attention to a completely new innovative edition – the Green collection.

PVC-free wallpaper, special structures made of natural elements such as cellulose, pay homage to the protection of the environment. Green is actually a surface on which it is possible to print all possible graphics from its rich catalog offerings, which are not only waterproof and antibacterial, but at the same time weather-resistant and suitable for the reduction of the rumu.

All these features make it an ideal choice not only for furnishing the house, but also for organizing schools, restaurants, hospitals and all public spaces.



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