Dessert with apple and cinnamon

December 24, 2021– The author:

WINTER SWEET: A dessert with apple and cinnamon

Here’s a simple recipe for real winter candy!



a larger granny smith apple peeled and grated

half a spoon of cinnamon powder

vegetable oil, for frying

vanilla pudding, to serve

For pasta:

60 grams of butter

two-thirds of a large cup of flour

three slightly scrambled eggs

For cinnamon sugar:

half a cup of sugar

a spoonful of cinnamon


The first step: mix the sugar and cinnamon in a bowl.

Step Two: Make the dough. Pour two cups of water into the sherpa and add the butter, then heat over low heat, stirring for three to four minutes, or until the butter melts and the mixture approaches the boiling point.

Step 3: Reduce heat. Add the flour, and mix for two to three minutes, until the mixture begins to separate from the sherpa. Remove from the stove and leave for about five minutes to cool.

Step Four: Add the lightly beaten eggs and mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture is well combined, then add the grated apple and the rest of the cinnamon and mix well.

Step 5: In a deep frying pan, heat the vegetable oil to the frying temperature. Then take the dough with a spoon and fry for two or three minutes on each side, until it is nicely browned. Take on a paper sponge, which absorbs excess fat, and then sprinkle the donuts with sugar and cinnamon.

Serve hot, alone or in combination with pudding or vanilla cream.



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