Do you know what women think after sex?

April 4, 2022

Do you know what women think after sex?

You might be surprised what things women think right after you go back to bed with passion.


1. This was ok.

2. Will it be annoying if I check the messages on my phone?

3. It is best to prevent urinary tract infection and go to the bathroom.

4. God, ‘rip’ like a 70-year-old smoker. I can only devote more time to racing. I also have that totally cute look that could match that t-shirt I bought recently …

5. Did Bonnie (animal name) look at us all the time?

6. Why does a condom wrap always end up on the ground?

7. Listen to my remarks about putting your fingers in that place. He’s good at listening to advice.

8. I can’t wait to tell Ana (best friend’s name) tomorrow at coffee.

9. Do we want it now?

10. Will I have to change my linen again?

11. I hope our neighbors have not heard us.

12. Does his hand tingle from the weight of my head?

13. No, he fell asleep like wood.

14. Now I can’t move, because her body prevents me from getting out of bed.

15. Mmm, I’m only going to eat some sweets now …



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