Don’t you have luck? Attract her by visiting these places!

July 5, 2021

Don’t you have luck? Attract her by visiting these places!

Think you’re unlucky because you can’t win a week in the lottery, your business isn’t going well, you don’t have a suitable partner … We present you the happiest places on the planet. People from all over the world come to them just to “have” a bit of luck. Try it for yourself.

Julia’s house in Verona

Julia’s house or Juliet’s House is the place where Julia once lived from Shakespeare’s tragedy. Legend has it that for happiness it is necessary to rub Julia’s right chest.

Stone from Blerney, Ireland

Kiss the stone and you will have five years of luck.

Fushimi Inari Taisha, Hotel Japan

This temple is dedicated to the god of rice, Inari. They say the place brings happiness to entrepreneurs.

Eravan Temple, Bangkok

It was built in 1956, and it is believed that the statue of the deity brings happiness to anyone who looks it in the eye.

Raging Bull, Wall Street

Mediators working on Wall Street believe that if they help the bull with testicles in the morning, they will be lucky at work that day. Imagine people waiting in line to touch their testicles.

Statue of Crazy Girls, Las Vegas

This is a monument to the longest piece played in Vegas. Anyone who touches the buttocks of bronze girls – will have a good sex life.

Monument to St. John of Nepomuk, Prague

It is believed that the monument brings good luck. Someone who touches him will surely return to Prague.

Source: Onaportal


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