Feng Shui and Medicine Modifications for the Kitchen and Room (Part 2)

When we talk about feng shui medication or modifications, it is crucial to focus on the two most important spaces in every home: the kitchen and the bedroom …

It is not difficult to guess why the kitchen and the bedroom are marked as the two most important rooms in a house – they are not only responsible for finding good energy, but are also directly linked to the health sector, the happiness and wealth. And these are, admittedly, the articles that interest everyone the most. Understanding the principles of the feng shui technique allows us to design calming spaces full of good “qi” energy, which leads us to a much happier life.

If you are ready to change the existing (stagnant) energy in your living space, and you are particularly interested in changes in the kitchen and bedroom, here are some proven tips that can help:

In a good practice of feng shui – the southern, southwestern, northern or northeastern part of the house are the best places to put the kitchen. When your kitchen meets this direction, try to clean it thoroughly and replace any broken items in it. Feng shui places a particular emphasis on cleanliness, so a dirty kitchen full of broken appliances or broken objects will be an ideal place for negative energy deposition.

Make sure you clean your kitchen and repair anything that can be repaired to get a free flow of positive energy. Use colors that are in line with the kitchen element – avoid blue (associated with the water element), but also red and orange (associated with the fire element) because they can cause an imbalance. The most beautiful color for this part of the apartment is yellow, which belongs to the earth element. The sink and stove should never be close to each other for the above reason – the water and fire simply don’t mix well.


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