For all lovers of minimalism: a simple adjustable metal Vine lamp

With a minimal name (Vineyard) and appearance, this lamp is the perfect lighting for a desk or dining room. It consists of a continuous or solid part with a diameter of 16 millimeters, which is responsible for shaping the structure and placement of optoelectronic and mechanical elements of the lamp.

In addition to this complete part, the bulb is also characterized by two hinges that offer maximum flexibility, so the lamp can be adjusted and held low, high or medium depending on the needs of the user.

Although it is not currently available for sale, it is worth noting that Vine comes in three versions: top, table and wall, and that its dimensions vary depending on the basic configuration. Its minimalist presence creates the perfect balance between different materials, weight, light quality, movement accuracy and functionality, revealing a deep knowledge combined with technological innovations.

Source: Artemis


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