From Ajax to Dortmund is THAT career turnaround? Rajola holds the key

Nusair Mazraui is one of many free agents to change clubs this summer.

He is represented by Mino Rajola, and we all know that he always finds the best solution for his clients. However, interesting rumors have surfaced today that Borussia Dortmund want the right Ajax.

Mazraui recently said he wants a career advancement after 12 years at Ajax and that it is the right time to go for the summer. However, a logical question arises – is Dortmund one step ahead of Ajax?

The Bundesliga has certainly done so in relation to the Eredivisie, but Ajax, for example, have defeated Dortmund in the group stage of the Champions League this season. In Amsterdam, it was 4: 0 in Dortmund 3: 1 for Ajax, the “spearmen” are still in the Champions League, and Dortmund meet with Rangers in the Europa League.

But, in spite of everything, Mazraui’s option is Dortmund, which is not a surprise if we go back to Rajol. He has Hollande in Dortmund, and brought him to Malen this summer, so he has practically strengthened his ties at the club.

Outside of Borussia, Barcelona is still mentioned, but also Seville. As for Barça, they are also negotiating with Aspilicuet and Christensen, so it is unlikely that they will bring Mazraui as the third free agent.

Seville is the last option, but the Andalusians are presumably on the run, Fabrizio Romano confirmed today. Mazraui also has a lot to offer from Italy, so a crazy race awaits us …


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