Furniture that relaxes from the ceiling (and comes back when you order!).

Take a look at the new East Harlem apartment complex that features smart furniture systems …

We are accustomed to shopping catalogs with modular furniture and we need to recognize that certain pieces often leave us breathless. However, the so-called smart furniture systems are not something we often encounter, so the storage units, the beds, the workspaces, and even the entire cabinets that rise and fall from the ceiling surprise us. a little!

And all this has been possible in one click, and even the former engineers of Tesla and Apple who have developed innovative technology that completely changes the way of life in big cities. Electric scooters and high-speed trains replace city buses, public spaces rely on artificial intelligence and contactless services, so not all new residential complexes offer an intelligent modular furniture system for make full use of every meter of the apartment?


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