Glass in the middle of the woods – is it a mirror, a spaceship or just an unusual house?

Glass and steel have made it possible to create a space that looks more like a spaceship in the middle of the forest than a classic house …

And this space, designed by a Finnish glass company, can at the same time serve as a place to live, but also to create an office space with an incredible view of the surroundings and the sky. The house is completely ready for use, but must be mounted on a plot containing a foundation built according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The exterior glass of this house irresistibly resembles a massive mirror that is partially interrupted by black seams of the glass system and a black steel strip on the floor. Thanks to the huge amount of glass, the exterior of this house is connected to the forest and the surrounding lake in a fantastic and unusual way.

And when it comes to the interior – we can say that the most important element of the interior is nature, namely the surrounding landscape and the sky. The triangular shape of the steel structures is oriented towards the optimal viewpoint inside the building to allow maximum view of the outside with minimal obstacles.

The uniform use of surface paint and materials on the inner surface is a kind of counterpart to the surrounding landscape, with lighting integrated into the triangular part of the history of steel. Thanks to the impressive glass surfaces, this house is truly reflected in nature (like the one in this one) and has received an extremely original multidimensionality.

Source: archday


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