Henri worried about Neymar: “I need professional help”!

Legendary French footballer Thierry Henry is worried about Paris Saint-Germain star Brazilian Neymar.

Henri noticed that something was “wrong” with the Brazilian teacher, whom Neymar asked for help, but no one took him seriously.

The PSG winger has not been in good shape for quite some time, and the former Arsenal and Barcelona midfielder believes the cause is psychological.

“When analyzing the stocks, you see that he is not well positioned, this is a fact and it must be acknowledged. He has not played well lately and there are reasons for that. Neymar spoke in an interview about his mental health and pressure. , “. and I wonder. It’s okay. It’s not that he doesn’t dribble anymore, but the fact that he doesn’t have his rhythm in the game. Talk, but do you hear him? in his head as in every human being. “said a worried Henri.

Neymar spoke little about the pressure he is struggling with and announced bluntly that this year’s World Cup in Qatar will be the last in his career, even if he is only 30 years old.

“I think the 2022 World Cup will be the last in my career. I see it that way because I don’t know if I’m going to be strong enough mentally to deal with football and the pressure on that.“, said the Brazilian at the time.

Not everything is like a fairy tale in the lives of the best football players, even if many think so. Money and fame are sometimes not enough for complete happiness.


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