Henry’s greeting with Mbape, reveals a big transfer ?!

Author: Aleksandar Obrenović

Thursday 12/02/2021


Every move by Killian Mbape is being followed with great care, it is clear that he is the target of Real Madrid and that he could play for that club from the summer because he did not continue with Paris Saint-Germain, who lost a bit. the race. .

His contract expires in June and he will most likely leave without compensation money, and the indication that he could go to Spain was an interview with Thierry Henry.

In fact, at the end of their conversation, Henri greeted him in Spanish, after which they both laughed.

A month ago, the news appeared that Barcelona is also interested in Mbape and it is clear that these two clubs are the only ones at the moment who are able to meet at Paris Saint-Germain, if we count the Spanish.

However, Real remains a big favorite, they don’t just want Mbape, Hoe and Pogba, most likely Rudiger as well, and we’ll see how much Mbape is interested in the whole project.

We may know the decision maybe in January …


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