How do you choose the right shower?

Position of the shower cubicle in the bathroom

The next consideration is the position of the shower enclosure. Ask yourself – where exactly do you plan to put it, is it an angle, the middle of the bathroom or a completely separate area? Your decision regarding this issue is crucial for the type of door, but also the shower and other pieces of bathroom furniture you plan to get for your most intimate angle. For example, if you decide to shower in the center of the bathroom, the best option would be a cabin in the shape of the letter “D”.

Choose the perfect glass or fence

When it comes to shower enclosures, today the market is flooded with different types of glass, so it should not be a major problem when equipping a bathroom. However, it would not be bad to think about which species best suits your needs. For example, if you opt for tempered glass doors, you can be sure that they are more durable, safer and more durable than ordinary glass doors. In this case, you should always keep in mind that the larger the glass, the larger and stronger the support, i.e. the housing, to be prepared for additional investments.

Additional functions such as a dot on “i”

Most today’s showers come with several additional functions, such as thermostatic valves, which allow you to precisely control the function of the water, followed by adjustable body jets, numerous manual variants and even call functions. monsoon shower. Some cabins have built-in practical glass shelves on which you can store your toiletries and cosmetics, and if you really want to make your bathroom a real oasis – then a steam shower cabin with a sauna effect is the perfect solution for relax after a long, hard day.


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