How do you follow a holistic approach to interior design?

The alarming effects of environmental pollution, global warming and the recent pandemic are flooding our planet, and drastic measures must be taken to combat them as soon as possible.

Sustainability is the key word that means creating a balance between preserving the environment and human existence. It is a sincere commitment to the protection of the Earth and its diminished resources. Sustainability in interior design means adherence to ecological design methods and principles, such as energy efficiency and biodegradable materials, to improve human development and the environment.

Trends in interior design have become so seasonal that in most cases we cannot keep up with all the events in this field. We often find ourselves surrounded by things we don’t feel connected to, wondering how we got to them. This is because, as a company, we spend too much time at the expense of such trends and aesthetics, instead of finding the things that suit us completely.

This shift in consumption from external influences to internal sensitivity is a place where holistic interior design flourishes. It is a positive and balanced approach to interior design, a kind of space curator that will improve the health of our mind, body and soul.

The ultimate goal of holistic design is to enjoy a sense of harmony created especially for you, because a place with a good flow of energy, positive color palette, well-being concept, etc., makes you feel safe, healthy. he is happy

A holistic approach draws a parallel between homes, our way of life and energy, and how this concept can be introduced in every home, see below this text ….


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