Industrial style in full glory thanks to cement, wood and glass

We present a house that combines industrial style and love for the Alps, skiing and mountain refuges …

There’s something special about that industrial style, isn’t there? It doesn’t seem like just for a moment that you’ve stepped into an elegant garage or a slightly more elegant storage space, but in most cases a house equipped in this way can just be called a combination of the incompatible. In this particular example, the glass and metal partitions near the bio-path are perfectly mixed with the cement surfaces and complemented by wood and green accents. If you don’t associate with the Austrian Alps, we don’t know what will!

Also, this total space looks so spacious and bright, all thanks to the minimal number of partitions. And please, pay attention to one extremely original solution: a carpet inscribed on a cement floor! Your eyes won’t fool you, the guest didn’t really want a classic rug in their living room, but at the same time they were aware of the fact that the cement will be minimal and dull. Designing carpets on a hot concrete floor was a kind of compromise and a perfect alternative to the classic solution.


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