Intelligent, sustainable and beautiful: a project that meets all the wishes of future tenants

We present an extremely interesting project called Stenby Park, which offers high-class accommodation to all those looking for the perfect place to live …

And this part of Sweden is certainly an almost ideal place to live, considering that the tenants have been told everything by the people! Not only is the center of Stockholm close by, but there are also numerous schools, kindergartens, main shopping malls, parks and entertainment areas … And it doesn’t matter at all if you are alone or just looking for the perfect home for you. yours. family, this area consists of houses of 65 and 95 m2, so everyone will find a roof over their head in accordance with their needs.

Be convinced that every meter here is wisely and well planned to fully meet the needs of its future tenants. It is these smart, well-designed solutions that have resulted in two-story homes that hide three bedrooms, a kitchen, a spacious living room and a full tiled bathroom, and the design is definitely something that can be further negotiated.


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