It sounds incredible, but this is the most aggressive dog breed in the world

10 Aug 2021

It sounds incredible, but this is the most aggressive dog breed in the world

One of the most popular races that people would never say is aggressive, it is statistically responsible for most attacks.


When you think of an aggressive breed of dog, four-legged animals like pit bulls, Rottweilers, Staffords, Dobermans will certainly go through your head, but statistics show that you are wrong.

The race responsible for most of the attacks on humans and the number of injuries will surprise most people – these are peaceful Labradi. This conclusion was reached by an extensive study by the international insurance company for injuries related to dogs and pets – Animal Friends.

Others on the list of dogs most likely to attack are German Shepherds, followed by Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Border Collies. The most common injuries include amputation of fingers, scarring and nerve damage.

Research has also confirmed the old saying that a man’s best friend is often the biggest enemy of the factor, and even a third of incidents with dog deaths include accidents with delivery staff and postmen. Men are also twice as likely to be attacked as women, and animal psychologist Dr. Roger Magford indicates that the most important thing is for a man to make friends with an animal.

“Once a factor makes friends with a dog, they will be the best friends for life,” says Magford, explaining that it’s true that dogs can stink fear, and the way a person moves and behaves gives way. to the dog clear messages.



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