Japanese interior in the heart of Brazil

Japanese architecture could be briefly described as a combination of ancient tradition and current technological achievements …

All the environments that are characterized by the permanence of the oldest habits and uses, but also the innovation, quality and originality of some new elements, we can freely put under the Japanese minimalist style. In this style, every detail, every composition, every color and even every object is designed with the intention of making a living space equally luxurious and harmonious.

This is exactly the case with the house in Brazil that we present to you today. She has already told the visitor at the entrance itself – waiting for the unexpected, confronted with a large blue box representing a kind of introduction to what hides the living room. Although half of this part of the house is a large bookcase that divides the total space into two equal parts, the main protagonist is a circular basement whose mixture of colors and shapes guarantees personality, but also a certain amount of courage to this unusual house.

In the continuation of the apartment there is a kitchen with a dining room which is characterized by a brushed finish and fantastically camouflaged appliances. Now you understand that part of “current technological achievements”, don’t you?

In addition to making this part of the house extremely original, the beautiful pink wardrobe also has great historical value, considering that it is a piece made in the ancient inlay technique (a decorative technique that uses pieces of wood and transforms them in geometric, vegetable or figurative motifs).

Upstairs there is a room in which one of the most important oriental elements stands out – the figure of a dragon that is present as a golden motif on the dark blue wallpaper. After this more oriental and darker picture, we find a master bath that is more reminiscent of a spa than a classic. Shades reminiscent of those used in the bedroom were chosen for the guest room and office, and similar colors and symbols were used to furnish the rest of the apartment.

In this way, a colorful and special house was obtained, which fully represents the habits, but also the character of its guest, who wanted a unique living space from the beginning.

Source: archday


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