LG Standbyme forever changes the perception of the TV experience

LG has announced two “lifestyle TVs” that will make their full debut at CES 2022 in January …

These are the LG Objet TV (65Art90), a 65-inch OLED set with a fabric cover that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button, and the LG Standbyme screen that can be moved from room to room. the other thanks to batteries.

When it comes to Objects, the main specificity is to hide the screen at times when the TV is not in use. In particular, this high-design OLED TV should only be mounted on a wall instead of mounted or mounted on a traditional stand. The fabric cover under the 65-inch screen can be raised or lowered with the remote control, and interestingly, this part of the premium set is interchangeable and comes in three colors (beige, red and green wood), all from the textile innovator. Danish Square. “.

Another TV in the line is the LG Standbyme, which can be called a kind of entertainment center rather than a classic TV. LG executives are already calling it a device that will forever change your perception of the TV experience. In addition to being completely wireless, this TV can also move around on its height-adjustable stand. You can move from one room to another thanks to the batteries – it has enough energy for three hours of work before being charged.


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