Little rituals that make life

Have you ever wondered what makes you happy?
What are some of these little rituals that you sincerely enjoy and that you have never given up on?

Yes, we are sure that life is made up of small things and big people – those special moments that we have reserved for small pleasures and moments with our loved ones. Unfortunately, the pace imposed on us by everyday life and the handful of obligations we have, we often “put into their routine,” BUT – that shouldn’t be an excuse for us to give up on ourselves and our happiness , because that is the meaning. of life!

Pause for a moment. Listen to yourself. Ask yourself, what is it that makes you energized and energized? Is it love? Love for loved ones, for yourself … that special emotion that wakes you up when you see the sun’s rays? Do you enjoy peace and quiet in your favorite corner or on your precious terrace while drinking that irresistible beer that awakens all your senses?

If so, it defies today’s habits of “doing everything from your feet” and walking! It’s time to get back to enjoying the warmth of your home. Exchange fun expenses! Replace the takeaway coffee that you too often drink from a cardboard cup with a pleser that feels only when you drink it from your favorite porcelain cup. Why? Because life is short and because you want high quality and atmosphere!


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