Look at a family home that connects three different generations

It is not only a house that enjoys a tropical paradise, but it is also a house that shows that many different generations can live quite comfortably under the same roof …

The culture of living for several generations in the same house has created many different lifestyles and has undergone considerable adjustments by all family members, especially in the big cities. This is also the case with this interesting house that was created to become a place to live for a large generation 3 family, including grandparents, parents and children.

In addition to creating a space for everyday family reunions and common activities, it was clear from the outset that the project should be based on age differences, the different habits of each family member, and the privacy that is necessary for each of them.

Architecturally speaking, the advantage of the durability of the basic property allowed the organization of two parallel living spaces in the same building, so that one part was occupied by a middle-aged family, while the other belonged to the members. younger.

The place for the grandparents’ life and rest has been moved back to the family home, behind the large garden where there is enough space for a living room, kitchen and a small dining table. The living room and garden are located at the entrance on the ground floor, where there is a common area for family reunions and daily interactions.

All the private activities of the younger family have been moved to the upper floors, connected by an external staircase, creating a feeling of entering another house. Even in this other space, each member has their own separate space that they can use according to their interests. The corner of the garden is connected to the nearby garden, giving the house more outdoor space, which many townhouses look for.

Finally, we add that thanks to the intelligent organization of the space, the house is divided in a reasonable way, so that its guests can connect, enjoy common activities and be just as needed. Each member’s private space is designed in accordance with the desired style, while light, good ventilation and plenty of flora are common elements that connect all areas of the house.

photo: Quang Tran


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