Look at a modern, smart home with a balcony

This house has chosen a neutral color palette and comfortable furniture, all with the aim of creating the most comfortable living space …

If an apartment can be said to be modern and soberly furnished at the same time, then it is definitely this two bedroom apartment in Sweden. Beautiful renovated balcony, kitchen and bathroom, spacious living room – these are the key elements to create a small untouched oasis in the city center.

As soon as you enter the house, you will find a spacious room with storage cabinets and nice details like an antique civilian. The open plan of the living room includes an elegant social kitchen – they are two perfectly mixed parts, one in gray and the other in white, to get a perfect contrast and provide a good play of light in a key part of the apartment.

The living room is the focal point of the house, considering there are huge windows and an exit to the large balcony. And speaking of the balcony, it is important to say that it extends throughout the apartment and close to the bedroom where there is another additional exit. In this way, the balcony becomes really a kind of separate room, while on one of the living room windows there is a corner used to create a smaller workplace.

The spacious room with a wardrobe is separated from the social areas of the apartment, and as we said – it also enjoys a part of the balcony, but also equally impressive windows. It is interesting that for this more private part of the apartment was chosen a darker shade, ie a dark gray color that is perfectly combined with wooden parquet.

Source: entrancemakleri.se


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