Modern apartment of 31 m2 for rent

To make the apartment look more spacious, it was decided to use the block color technique. They lowered the roof line and separated it with a dark strip. The longest wall is painted gray, which is why it “moves away visually”. Floor tiles with casually arranged geometric patterns also expand the space.

“Functional areas in the common space are prominent, but at the same time interconnected. For example, you can watch TV from the kitchen while working or dining at the table, from the bed and sitting on the bed. We try to use all the area effectively, we designed each element, leaving room for transformation.The round table and floor lamp can be moved if a large group comes together, and the sofa can be easily extended and transformed into a place full of sleep. “

“We completely designed the cabinets ourselves. The cabinets and shelves fit into the overall color scheme and don’t weigh up the space. The heated alcove allows you to read from the comfort of your bed.”

“After the renovation was completed, the tenant found the apartment in a day. This is a direct proof that we coped with the task,” – added the authors of the project.


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