Modern house of perfectly precise lines located in a pine forest

This charming little house has chosen for itself an almost perfect location – a pine forest that offers its guests an even more perfect view of the surrounding nature …

It is a wooded and well-oriented area with great potential to create the necessary intimacy. In other words, thanks to this terrain, it was easy for designers to build a modern cottage with clean, perfectly precise lines. The pale tones of the material, the natural structure of wood and cement combined with the black metal cladding, led to the creation of an impressive contrast that is more noticeable in the front of the house.

During the entire course of construction of this house, it turned out that its location is the most powerful element that allowed not only a fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings, but also a strong penetration of natural light during most of the the day. This is supported by large sliding doors that are “pushed” toward the main open interior space with the intention of subtly separating the internal functions.

photo: Cargo Architecture inc.

So, in the end, a house was created that, despite the limitations of the area, offers up to fourteen sleeping places, three bathrooms, a playroom for children, a reading corner and a master bedroom. The clever work and careful design has allowed us to create interior spaces that greatly simplify circulation while providing a sense of grandeur.

And finally, the most interesting part of this snow idyll is – the cornerstone of this residential building is its incredible flexibility, so the cottage is perfect for subsequent upgrades. In fact, it is a clear symbol of the modern vision of construction that the basic components are light, nature, purity and simplicity.

Source: Archello

photo: Cargo Architecture inc.


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