Never faster and never sadder Azar, what is the next step?

Eden Hazard wants to leave Real Madrid because he did not have the slightest chance with Carlo Ancelotti.

Yesterday we wrote about how in three years he hasn’t written a minute in “El Classics,” and the last one tore his glass.

His closest friends, Azar, are shocked by his treatment of Carlo Ancelotti.

Azar is never ready yet, he is recovering physically after a series of injuries, but Angelotti has completely neglected him.

The Belgian is the most expensive player on the team with an annual salary of 15 million euros, and this is another reason why Real want to get rid of him.

Azar looks towards London, his desire is to return to Chelsea, but something like that is too far for the moment. Chelsea are in trouble because no one knows what will happen to the club, so it is not excluded that they will reinforce the second Premier League.

Azar wants a strong team, to be the starter and to host the World Cup in Qatar in the correct form. Some sources claim that he only watches the Premier League, so what do you say is the best option?


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