Of course, you don’t know this for money!

April 26, 2022

Of course, you don’t know this for money!

Do you know how many times the richest people in the world have been able to end up in global misery? And how many dollar bills are there on cocaine?


– Next time pay taxes remember The fact is that the Egyptians did the same thing 5000 years ago. There is evidence that they later paid property and labor taxes.

– The first paper bank came from China, and it was issued 1400 years before the new era.

– Today, more than 170 different currencies are used in the world.

– The first ATM was built and installed in London in 1967. Today, there are more than 1.6 million ATMs, and people use them the most on Fridays.

– Are these the first forms of cards? During the Middle Ages, knights did not want to carry any kind of money with them because of thieves. They wore specials rings . If the knight wanted to pay for something, he would leave a seal on his piece of paper with his ring, and the seller would then carry the card to the castle to get money.

– Only 8% of the total money in the world is “physical money”, the rest is in electronic form.

– Traces of cocaine have been found on 90% of dollar bills.

– Throughout history, people have used different forms of money, and some of the most popular, but also the most interesting were soap, cocoa ivory hair, cereals, animal skins, feathers, tea, tobacco …

– Every year, more banks are printed for the popular Monopoly game than real money is printed.

– During 2012, the 100 richest people in the world had so much money to end global poverty 4 times.

– If you have 10 euros in your pocket, and you don’t owe anyone anything, not even the banks, believe me you’re richer than 25% of Americans.

– Games make more money every year than movies, sportstheme parks, cruises and recorded music, but together!

– Around 1923, tickets lost so much of their value in Germany that people used them no less than wallpaper!

– The earliest counterfeit of money recorded occurred in 540 BC, when Polycrates of Samos used counterfeit gold coins to pay a debt to the Spartans. The Nazis counterfeited British lire for 134,610,810 lire. His plan was to destabilize the British economy. Today, these counterfeit notes are considered one of the most perfect counterfeits.

Source: Prva.rs


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