One plan, one surprise: you will find a mysterious baroque hotel

Blue has definitely been chosen as the preferred color by hotel owners, but this blue loft is thanks to its windows, glass cavities and breathtaking views away from the cold atmosphere that can be expected from this combination. Several seating areas with unusual armchairs and Gatsby-style lighting offer an eclectic ambience where charming accents in light pink and ocher yellow blend perfectly with the aforementioned brass.

There is definitely no room for minimalism or white spaces in this hotel, everything is harmonized in color so that the lively spirit of the whole space is felt in the smallest, carefully chosen detail. The new rooms and suites are located on the lower floors, and the only difference is that some spaces face the street, while others face the inner courtyard. The rooms have a consistent color scheme – each is immersed in a single shade that automatically becomes an environment for the presentation of baroque elements.

We can freely say that in this hotel, the colors are a symbol of time travel, which the guests launch at the moment they enter this magical hotel. In other words, each shade gives an indication when it comes to the configuration of the room. For example, compared to light blue rooms, red rooms are a bit more spacious, while dark blue rooms have a balcony. In addition, the green rooms are enriched with a terrace that provides a perfect view of the courtyard, while all the gray rooms are doubles. All the furniture in these rooms corresponds fully to them, and this also applies to carpets, tiles and curtains. The baroque theme is reflected in particular details such as carefully selected sinks or chests of drawers and display cases.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the first floor, which has also been enlarged into a courtyard, thus creating space for six more rooms, each of which has its own glass terrace and a spacious courtyard. The highlight of this part of the hotel is the room with a very original jungle decor, which is a real small oasis full of antique furniture.

The other plans also have their own representative representatives – this mysterious hotel is actually full of (historical) secrets and surprises.

Source: archdaily


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