painting eggs with shaving foam

It’s time to start preparing for Easter …

Although we have presented many ways of painting eggs so far, every year, creative people around the world come up with new ideas, which have really spectacular results. So far, we’ve been experimenting with shadows, galactic eggs and disco, as well as natural color, and we’ve come up with a few ideas for painting eggs with nail polish, sequins, and other items you normally have at home. This time, we’re revealing a new idea that will please you and your little ones.

It is a material of painting eggs in the style of marble with the help of shaving foam. When we got this idea, we just had to try it, and as we expected, the results were fantastic. Below is a detailed guide, as well as a video that will explain all the details that may not be clear.

What you need:

– Eggs underneath

– Shaving foam

– Food coloring

– Bread pan

– Rubber spatula

– Toothpicks

– Napkins

– Rubber gloves


1. Cut a larger piece of parchment paper and pour the shaving foam over it evenly, until it is about 2 cm thick, and then flatten it with a rubber spatula, as you would do when filling. a cake.

2. Pour a few drops of food coloring over the foam, and feel free to be generous when you do – the more color you use, the stronger the color of the finished eggs.

3. Use a toothpick to draw a marble pattern on the foam in places where there are drops of food coloring – here you can be as creative as you want. You can create many of the same designs, or all different ones.

4. Take a boiled egg, and before that make sure to put it in gloves to avoid stains from the paint on your hands and roll in shaving foam, rinsing thoroughly.

5. When you have finished with the egg, place it carefully on a napkin and let it dry for about twenty minutes. During this time, the color you mixed with the foam will penetrate its shell and the color with the pattern you created.

6. Finally, remove the shaving foam with a clean sponge and admire your new masterpiece!

source: Good cleaning


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