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December 14, 2021

The worst profession in the world – a journalist

The worst occupation in the world is journalism, according to a recent study whose results were published on the American site Careercast.


The list was compiled on several factors, such as income, exercise, stress, work environment, and professional perspectives.

It has been established that the work of a journalist is convincing the pay, according to all the criteria – longer working hours, stressful environments and salary that does not correspond to the necessary sacrifice. However, the lack of perspective and the difficulties in employment are the factors that most influence the fact that journalism is declared the worst profession in 2019.

Out of a list of 200 jobs, the journalistic profession has thus taken the last place, behind the actors and the lumberjacks who are considered “better”.

At the top of the list, among the currently best rated professions are actuary, expert in financial uncertainty and risk calculation, biomedical engineer and software engineer.

The top five occupations also include an audiologist, an expert in interpersonal communication disorders, and a financial planner.

A British study has recently shown that journalism is one of the three professions among which there are the most psychopaths.

Source: Tanjug



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