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February 3, 2022

Rafael’s wheat bubbles

We offer you a recipe with which you can quickly and easily make an excellent treat.


– 300 g of cooked wheat

– 100 g of ground walnuts

– A half tablespoon of ground coriander

– 1 dl of fructose

– 1/3 tablespoon nutmeg

– finely grated half orange peel

– Lemon juice

– 150 g of raisins

– 100 g of coconut


Grind the cooked wheat in a meat grinder or on a griddle. Add all the ingredients except the coconut and mix well to make the mixture hard, then form into bowls and roll in the coconut flour.

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How to measure 1dl of fructose. Isn’t fructose a fruit sugar that is also granulated in shape and refined from beets or cane? I think it would be more appropriate to determine the amount in grams rather than deciliters.


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