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01 Apr 2022

Scientifically proven: Men prefer less beautiful women – that’s why

When trying to attract a man, women usually try to look as feminine and beautiful as possible. However, the latest research has shown that boys are really attracted to women – but only for a short time. It is much easier to decide to marry women who are not so beautiful.


A study conducted in Paroiza on several hundred heterosexual volunteers showed that men are more attracted to women who have feminine and delicate facial features, but only to short-term patterns. As for marriage and longer relationships, they are more attracted to women who have some of the sharpest facial features.

Scientists have shown men and women two pictures of the same face. One was with feminine lines, while the other had sharper features. The result: boys respond mostly that they want to have a pattern with a girl who has gentler features, but with one who has rougher and less attractive facial features, they prefer to start a family.

Women, they say, have made men with more masculine and rude characteristics more attractive to marriage.

What is particularly interesting is that married men often respond that they want to be in a pattern with a girl who has feminine and attractive facial features.

Scientists explain that men are looking for women who are not so beautiful for long-term partners because previous studies have shown that very beautiful women are often unfaithful, which they subconsciously reject in the long run. As for short deals, it doesn’t matter much whether they are loyal or not.

Women, on the other hand, are more attracted to the men behind the more masculine traits because it gives the impression of someone who will be able to joke with them and the children.



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